Euro-Mediterranean Investment Forum 2021

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Euro-Mediterranean Investment Forum 2021

“Financing Recovery and Resilience Strategies in the Euro-Mediterranean”

Naples, Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 14:00-16:30

The webinar will be held in English

Zoom platform



14:00 – 14:30


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman, Intesa Sanpaolo

Innocenzo Cipolletta, Chairman, FeBAF


Keynote: Fathallah Sijilmassi, Economist, Former SG of the Union for the Mediterranean

“The Future of Post-Covid Europe is in the South”


14:30 – 15:40

Roundtable Discussion: Main Challenges and Opportunities for Financing Recovery and Resilience in the Euro-Mediterranean


Moderated by: Sergio Arzeni, President, International Network for SMEs (INSME)

Pietro Catte, Head of International Relations, Banca d’Italia

Teresa Coratella, Program Coordinator, European Council on Foreign Relations

Alfonso Iozzo, Vice President, Robert Triffin International Foundation

Francesco Mazzaferro, Head of Secretariat, European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB)

Flavia Palanza, Director, Dept for Lending in the EU Neighbouring Countries, Middle East & Northern Africa, European Investment Banking (EIB)

Simone Tagliapietra, Research Fellow, Bruegel

15:40 – 16:30

Closing Panel: What Role for the EU in the Euro-Mediterranean?


Rym Ayadi, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA)

Arnaud de Bresson, Managing Director, Paris Europlace

Massimo Deandreis, Director General, Studi e Ricerche sul Mediterraneo (SRM), Intesa Sanpaolo

Sandra Kramer, Directorate-General for International Partnerships, European Commission*

Hubertus Vaeth, Managing Director, Frankfurt Main Finance


Moderated by: Paolo Garonna, Secretary General, FeBAF