22 ottobre 2020 Webinar f “Post-Covid Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue: The Outlook for the Cooperation between the Tunisian and Italian Banking, Insurance and Financial Communities”

locandina webinar 22 ottobre a

This Webinar carries forward the bilateral dialogue between the Tunisian and the Italian financial communities that was started in June, 2017 and led to the MoU signed by the Federations representing the financial sector in both countries. It is part of the initiative for a Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on financial services that Febaf is engaged in. The discussion will cover, among other things: the impact of the geopolitical context on financial services; the outlook for the recovery after the pandemic and the adjustments required in the economy and society; the role of banks insurance and capital markets in the transition to more resilient and sustainable eco-systems; prospects for financing investment in infrastructure and SME; Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the role of the Tunisian and Italian financial communities; prospects for Pan-European integration in the region; etc.

The meeting will be held in English.

locandina webinar 22 ottobre b

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